Today is Monday the 10th February, the Memorial of St Scholastica, in the fifth week of Ordinary time. 

You are the centre, Lord, of my life.  The centre of my life.  Amid all my preoccupations, all the worries and hassles and concerns in my mind right now, can I focus for a moment on the centre of my life?  Can I open my heart to God, my guide, my healer, my teacher?
Can I stop for a moment and listen to God’s voice?

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Mark.

It’s interesting that, in this gospel passage, the first thing the people do, before there is any begging or any healing, is just to recognise Jesus.   Recognising that Jesus is present, and recognising who he is – those things have to happen before anything else can happen.  Where do I recognise Jesus, present and active in my life?

And the people beg him – beg him that they might “touch even the fringe of his cloak”.  Do I share the faith they had in this man, Jesus, the faith that he could heal and transform their lives?

As you hear the passage read again, imagine the scene – the boat moored by the lakeside, Jesus emerging with his disciples, the crowds, the sick being carried on mats.  What is it like to be there?

What suffering, or ailment, or pain is there in my life, that I might want Jesus to heal?  Can I approach him with the same faith those people had, confident that his healing power can transform my life?  Can I speak to him now?