Today is Friday the 28th February, in the Seventh Week of Ordinary Time.  

Salt of the Sound sing Listen

Today’s reading is from the letter of James.

No one likes to think of themselves as a grumbler, but most of us to do it from time to time.  Grumbling is what we tend to resort to when it's all we have left to do, when we feel something is wrong but we're powerless to change it.  What are the situations you face where you have perhaps given up and resorted to grumbling?

James also talks here about suffering, patience and endurance.  Where might God be calling you to patient endurance in your life?  Is it in some of the same situations you thought of before, where you have lost hope?

As you hear the reading again, listen out for the encouragment that God is trying to give you through these words.  What is God trying to say to you?

Let your "Yes" be yes and your "No" be no.  Speak plainly and simply, honestly and openly, says James.  And you can do the same with God, who is listening to you now.  Speak to him honestly now, as one friend speaks to another, about whatever this prayer time has stirred in you.