Today is Wednesday the 26th of February, in the Seventh Week of Ordinary Time.   

The Sons of Korah sing Psalm 130.

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Mark.

John complains about other people doing things in the name of Jesus, and tries to stop them.  Does this have any echoes for you of the situation today among the different groups of Jesus's followers - the different churches?  Does it even reflect something of your own feelings or attitude?

Jesus could have said "Whoever is not with us is against us", excluding all but his immediate friends, but he doesn't - he says "whoever is not against us is for us".  What might this say about the divisions amongst Christians today, and Jesus's attitude to those divisions?

As you hear this short passage read again, imagine yourself overhearing this conversation from a distance, as someone who has never met Jesus, who is not part of the "in-crowd",  but wants to get closer to him.  How do you feel when you overhear all this?

What feelings has praying with this scene stirred in you?  Is there something you have learned, or something you want to say to Jesus now?  Speak to him freely now - tell him whatever you want to tell him.