Today is Friday the 13th of December, in the Second Week of Advent.

The monks of Pluscarden Abbey sing: Exspectans exspectavi Dominum: I waited and waited for the Lord, and he has looked upon me, he has heard my cry.

Today’s reading is from the Prophet Isaiah

‘I teach you what is good for you. I lead you in the way that you must go.’  Looking back on my life for a moment, in what ways can I see that God has been teaching me and leading me where I needed to go?

And right now, where do I need God to teach and guide me?

The reading has a note of regret, of “if only”, of how things “would have been”.  But as I listen to the reading again, can I put aside that tone, and realise that, for me, now, the promise is still valid, the offer is still open?

Gathering together my thoughts now, from today’s reflection and from the whole of the last week, where have I heard God’s promise most clearly?  Where have I felt my own deep yearnings being responded to?

And where have I noticed a call to action? – to playing a part in the fulfillment of God’s promise?

I bring all of this before the Lord now, speaking openly to God as one friend speaks to another, telling the Lord how I respond, and how I desire to respond, to his promise.