The community of Taizé sing Behüte mich, Gott : “Keep me God, for I trust in you. You show me the path of life.  With you there is fulness of joy.”

Some of the readings this week have spoken about being patient, about waiting for God and the gifts of God, and this is repeated today.  We are invited to notice that what God brings is worth waiting for – but so often this is difficult.  We can feel like we need God NOW, we want God to turn up in our lives in a clear and powerful way. It can be very difficult to remain waiting patiently, particularly when our lives are difficult or confusing, or when we see violence and suffering in the world. At other times we are like the lost sheep, wandering off on our own, unaware of our effect on those around us.  Yet in all these situations we are invited to consider how God is inviting us to choose those things which give life – waiting in hope and not despair, returning to God with joy and not shame, saying our yes to God despite our fears and concerns for those who are suffering or experiencing violent situations.

Today’s reading is from the letter of James.

The reading encourages us to choose life in our relationships and not to grumble about each other. Are there people in your life who you find irritating, or people who seem to bring out the worst in you?  How might God be looking at that person?

We are invited to ‘strengthen our hearts’.  In what ways does your heart need the strengthening power of God?  What do you need in order to look at life from God’s perspective - not being weighed down by cares and anxieties?

As you listen a second time, notice the words or phrases that resonate in you. Let these words stay with you, speaking ever more deeply to your heart.

Take the words in your heart to God. Speaking them to the God who invites you to choose life, and listening to how God might respond to you.