Today is Wednesday, the 4th of December, in the First Week of Advent

Ex Cathedra, directed by Jeffrey Skidmore, sing Dulce Jesus mio. “My sweet Jesus, look with mercy on my soul.” This is not the prayer of someone proud or haughty or self-satisfied, but of a person aware that they have weaknesses and shortcomings, aware that they cannot do without the help and the love and the mercy of God.

Today’s reading is from the Prophet Isaiah

‘The Lord will wipe away the tears from every cheek’.  Another of Isaiah’s most beautiful images, of God wiping away our pain and sorrow and shame.  What pain and sorrow and shame have you suffered personally?  What pain and sorrow and shame do you suffer now?

Can you imagine that suffering – the pain and sorrow and shame you suffer – being wiped away?  What that would be like?

As you listen to the reading again, notice where it speaks to you most strongly.  Notice where it touches the needs and longings in your own heart.

Just as before, notice hopes and desires in your heart that have come to light in the last few minutes.  And instead of letting them sink back, beyond your consciousness, nurture those hopes, remember what they are.  Speak to the Lord about these hopes and desires.  In your own words, just speak to God about what is in your heart.