Today is Wednesday the 23rd of July, the Feast of St Bridget.

The University of Johannesburg Choir sing a setting of Psalm 16 Protect me, O God for in you I take refuge.

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of John.

It is our connectedness that gives us life, just like the grapes on a vine.  Jesus is reminding us today that our lives are connected to his life. Jesus is the true vine and we are all connected to him, in some way or other, in order to live.  What about yourself?  How connected do you feel to Jesus?

From time to time we become aware of not being as connected to the true vine as we would like.  Can you think of times like that, when God seemed distant or far from you?

Imagine for a moment that you are standing in the middle of a vineyard on a beautiful summer’s day.  You can hear the soft gentle breeze, the hum of insects, the singing of a bird in the distance.  As you look at the vine in front of you, notice how the young grapes, yet to ripen, are connected through the stems to the branches, and then to the roots which go down into the rich soil at your feet.  Now listen to the reading again.

How close would you like to be to God, in order that his love could fill you with life?  What would you like to ask from God today?