Today is Tuesday the 22nd of July, the Memorial of St Mary Magdalen, in the Sixteenth Week of Ordinary Time.

Karen Money sings Golden Day, I’d give the years away for one Golden Day.

Today’s reading is from the Song of Songs.

Today’s reading speaks of the searching of the lover for the love that has gone astray.  A love that has been passionate and deep has been interrupted and so the lover now searches for the beloved. Perhaps the person who loves you is searching through the streets looking for you.   What if that person were God?

Sometimes it seems as if no matter how far away or secretly we try to hide ourselves, God will eventually find us.  When God finds us he loves us as we are and asks us to accompany him into goodness and holiness. How is God calling you to love him more deeply? 

As you listen again, notice if the experience related here - the experience of the loss of a loved one – is something you share with the writer.

What would you like to say now to the one who loves you for who you are?