Today is Tuesday the 15th of July, in the Fifteenth Week of Ordinary Time.

Entering into prayer today, I begin by recognising that I am in the presence of God – not a God to be scared of, but a God of compassion and love, in whose presence I am safe, in whose presence I do not have to defend myself, in whose presence I can be still.  I place myself, my worries and my hopes, my whole life, in the hands of my loving God.

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Matthew.

“Deeds of power” – that phrase comes up three times in this passage.  What do those words mean to you?  What ‘deeds of power’ do you see God performing in the world, in your life?

What seems to make Jesus angry here is people’s failure to recognise God’s action in the world.  Do you too sometimes fail to recognise it?   Are there perhaps ‘quiet miracles’ going on around you, that aren’t spectacular enough for you to notice them, but which are no less God’s action, God’s deeds of power in the world?

Listen again to the reading, and imagine Jesus speaking like this not of Chorazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum, but of your own town, your own county or your own city.

Can I ask God now to open my eyes, to notice his presence and his action in the world around me?