Today is Wednesday the 2nd of July, in the Thirteenth Week of Ordinary Time.

The monks of the Abbey of Keur Moussa sing Psalm 4: ‘When I call, answer me, O God of justice. From anguish you released me.  Have mercy and hear me.’   Can I make this my prayer too?   As I listen, can I bring myself before God, trusting in his justice, his goodness, his faithful love?

Today’s reading is from the Prophet Amos.

Harsh words from the God of love!  But they come out of love, love for all the world, love especially for the poor and the vulnerable.  When God sees his children exploited and impoverished, there is no ritual observance, no pious sacrifice, that can appease Him.  What is it that stops me from sharing in God’s love for the outcast and those on the edges of society?

Do I just accept that the world is unjust?  Am I scared to lose out myself?  Have I got “better things” to worry about?  Or does the poverty of so many overwhelm me?

As you hear those words of God again, remember that God challenges those He loves; he wants us to grow and to share in his joy and love.  The passion of his anger is also the passion of his forgiveness.  As you listen, allow that passion to stir in your heart.

“Let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an everflowing stream.” Today I can at least let these words touch me, even if they make me feel uncomfortable or angry.  Speak to God out of your feelings – or your lack of feelings.  Tell him what it is what is in your heart.  Ask for the help of his grace.