Today is Friday the 30th of May, in the Sixth Week of Easter.

Magnificat anima mea Dominum. My soul glorifies the Lord. As you begin my prayer today, what do you want to give thanks for, to praise God for? For these few moments, allow your mind to dwell on those things for which you are grateful to God.

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of John.

Jesus makes strong contrasts in this passage. The most obvious one is between feelings of pain-and-suffering and feelings of joy.  But he also contrasts feelings-that-pass with feelings-that-last.  What, in your life, have been the joys that were short and fleeting, the joys that didn’t last?

What, on the other hand, has given you lasting joy in your life?

Jesus talks about a woman giving birth, and how the pain of childbirth passes, but the joy of bringing a human being into the world remains.  Perhaps you have given birth yourself.  What times of personal pain or suffering can you recall, that, in the end, you thought were worth it?  Where was God in those experiences?

As you hear the reading again, listen to the promise.  Listen to what it is that Jesus is promising to you.

“No one will take you joy from you”.  Can I give thanks to God now, for the sources of deep and lasting joy in my life?