Today is Thursday the 29th of May, in the Sixth Week of Easter.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo sing Ngaza Ngambona: ‘They are blessed who keep his commandments; they will have their eternal place.  Come in, all of you, so that you may be happy and be able to say, I’ve seen him on the cross, the one who loves me.  Teach me, Father, to love you, praise you and pray to you.’

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of John

‘A little while.’  That little phrase is repeated seven times in that passage.  What Jesus says is a real puzzle to the disciples.  Imagine yourself with them, hearing Jesus’s words, and feeling their confusion, their dismay that he’s going away.  They’re going to be alone.  Suddenly an unclear future faces them.

Now think of yourself.  Think of a time when you’ve been forced to wait – when your plans and hopes for the future have suddenly become a little less clear.  What did you feel at the time?  Impatient?  Frustrated? Angry perhaps?  Just express that feeling to God as honestly as you can.

Now listen to Jesus’s words a second time.  And this time listen for the message of hope, for the gentle word of consolation he has to give us.

Now bring your own hopes before God.  Pray for patience, to be willing to wait on God, to wait “a little while”, so that God may work something unexpected and beyond imagining.  Wait – and listen.  Where is that voice of hope and consolation directing you today?