Today is Wednesday the 30th of April, in the second week of Easter.

The Lord is my light, my hope, my salvation.  In him I trust.

We rely on many things in our lives.  On other people; on our wealth or our posessions; on our power, or reputation, or status; on our own ingenuity and talents.  But as I enter into prayer now, can I put all those things aside for a moment, and place all my trust in God, my light, my hope, my salvation?

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of John.

There is so much in this passage, about believing and not believing, about being in the light and being in the darkness, but above all about love. ‘God so loved the world…’ Stay for a while with this phrase; ask God to help you to sense at least to the tiniest degree the reality expressed here. ‘God so loved the world’.

Those who do what is true, says Jesus, have done what they have done ‘in God’. Perhaps we might say, they have acted ‘in love’. How might this be good news for you? What invitation is given to you here, what encouragement?

As you listen to the passage again, don’t be afraid to face the fact that there is both light and darkness in the world, and that we are called to love the light.

God’s love for his world encompasses all of us. Speak to him now about that love, your need for it, your gratitude for it. Speak in whatever way you’re moved to do.