Today is Easter Wednesday, the 23rd of April.
The Convivium Singers, conducted by Eamonn Dougan sing The Real Presence.

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of Luke.

Wrapped in their grief, the disciples walk towards Emmaus and fail to recognise Jesus.  What preoccupations of mine would I like Jesus to free me from so that I can recognise him?  How might I need to be liberated from my narrow perspectives, so I can see the truth of the Resurrection, and let that inspire my attitude to the world and to those around me?

What is it about the person of Jesus that encourages me to endure difficulties, as he did?  Do I have confidence, as he did, that God’s grace is greater than any struggles I face in living as a Christian?

In the next part of the gospel we hear how this appearance of Jesus comes to an end...

How, then, would I want to feel the presence of Jesus with me in the coming day?  How am I drawn to share the reality of the risen Jesus with others?