Today is Easter Tuesday, the 22nd of April.

The monks of the Abbey of Keur Moussa sing the Te Deum: ‘We praise you, O God, we acknowledge you to be the Lord.’ As I enter into prayer now, can I begin by acknowledging the Lord? - by recog­nising the greatness of the One, True, Eternal God, the Holy One in whose presence I stand, right now?

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of John.

Today’s gospel reading conveys a sense of Mary searching for what is of central importance to her: the person of Jesus.  What are the longings that give impetus to my life?  If I were asked “Who are you looking for?” would my answer embrace the person of Jesus?

For Mary, recognising the person of Jesus is something that grows even after the Resurrection.  How would I like my awareness of Jesus to grow in the midst of my ordinary occupations?

As today’s gospel passage is read again, notice how Mary’s involvement in the gospel scene becomes more personal: though outside the tomb she is drawn into its inner reality; though initially addressed as ‘Woman’ she then hears Jesus speak her own name...

Jesus reveals to Mary that his Resurrection is news to be shared, and not clung to as protection against a threatening world.  At His word she goes to the disciples and tells them the things he’d said to her.  How, perhaps, am I being invited to convey to others that “I have seen the Lord”?