Today is Friday the 16th of May, in the Fourth Week of Easter.

The Kyiv Chamber Choir sing In Thy Kingdom from One Thousand Years Of Ukrainian Sacred Music.

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of John.

What words stood out for you as you heard this passage? Do not let your hearts be troubled? Believe in God? I will take you to myself?  What stood out most for you?

Listen to the passage again and hold onto the words that speak most clearly to you. These are the words that Christ speaks to you today.       

Just say the words that spoke to you most clearly. Repeat them to yourself gently and slowly, allowing them to sink deeper into your being, allowing the word of Christ, addressed to you personally, to touch the place within you that needs to receive these words. Repeat them gently and slowly…

And now, from this place deep within you, say whatever emerges from your mind or heart. Speak with Christ and allow Him to respond if He wishes.

And as you move into whatever remains of the day ahead, hold onto the words of Christ addressed to you today, and repeat them to yourself whenever you need to hear them.