Today is Monday of Holy Week, the 14th of April.

Karen Money sings Echo: Let me stay a little longer, so I breathe in more of You.  As I listen, I focus for a moment on my breathing, on the breath that is within me, the life that is within me, the breath – the life – that God has given me. Try and pay particular attention to the words and get a sense of what it means to Mary to be close to Jesus at this time....

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of John.

Imagine the scene. This is Jesus among his friends – Martha, Mary and Lazarus. There is great love in this family.

Imagine Mary’s gesture. How does she perform it? We know that she is sensitive and delicate and maybe she has an intuitive grasp of what this means for Jesus.

Gestures speak louder than words. Maybe you will want to spend time thinking of those important gestures of love, that you have received, given or need to receive.

What about the impact of Judas words? What is their source? As you listen again, you might want to contemplate the patterns of resistance in Judas and the chief priests. What can I learn from them?

When you are ready, close this prayer with Mary. Make your gesture of loving gift and reverence.