Today is Friday the 11th of April, in the fifth week of Lent.  

In our journeying this day, keep us, Father, in your way. Let me make this my prayer today. To know God’s closeness to me, here, right now. And never to lose sight of it. To let myself be loved, enlivened and guided by God.

Today’s reading is from the Prophet Jeremiah.

The prophet Jeremiah, who wrote these words, feels as if everyone is out to get him. Is there anything in your own experience that helps you to know what this is like for him?

His comfort comes from the fact that he senses that God is standing alongside him even if no-one else is. What does it feel like to have God standing alongside you in difficult times?

Jeremiah reminds God “To you I have committed my cause”. Have you committed your cause to God? Do you want to, now?

As you listen again to Jeremiah’s words, try to imagine how God might want to respond to them.

Take a moment now to speak to God about any difficulty in your own life where you could use his help just now.