Today is Tuesday the 8th of April, in the fifth week of Lent.

The community of Taizé sing Une soif emplit notre âme. “Our soul is thirsting within us, to surrender all to you, O Christ.” As I sit or stand here now can I open myself up to God and surrender everything to his Son Jesus Christ?

Today’s reading is from the Gospel of John.

During much of this exchange, the Jews are finding it hard to understand this seemingly suicidal young prophet. They reach a point where they can only ask bluntly “Who are you anyway?” Are you ever driven to that point? Are you perhaps there now? If you ask Jesus “Who are you?”, what answer do you get?

There’s something about his answer that changes many of those who hear it. Their confusion is lifted, and, we’re told, “many believed in him”. What do you need to hear from Jesus to help you believe in him today?

As you listen to Jesus’s words here for a second time, notice where he gets his own answers, his own inspiration, from.

Talk to Jesus for a few moments now about what it means for you to believe in him; or about the difficulties in holding on to that belief.