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World Youth Day 2016

World Youth Day 2016


Join us in prayer as we prepare for World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow!

In the run up to these events in July, we are producing a series of reflections based on the theme of 'identity'. Released once a week,you can these sessions here on our website, or download the files from Soundcloud.

1. What's your name?

Have you ever thought about the relationship you have to your own name? The name is a good place to begin exploring 'identity' as it carries meaning and can reveal a lot about us. 

2. Where are you from?

How does where you come from impact your identity? Our roots and beginnings our a big part of what makes us the people we are. What is your starting point on your pilgrimage in life?

3. What did you want to tell me?

If you were to meet God face to face, what would you say? 

4. What gives you life?

Can you think of the events, places, people or activities in your life that make you feel fully alive?

5. What takes life away from you?

What are the situations, opinions, judgements, or actions that take you away from God? 

6. How much does your life have in common with the life of Jesus?

What similarities do you see between your life and the life of Jesus?

7. Is there some you would like to forgive?

Can you forgive as Jesus did? 

8. What does poverty look like for those around you?

Poverty can have many faces; sometimes it can even go unnoticed. Do you notice the poverty of those around you? 

9. Is God sending you to someone in need?

When we open our eyes to poverty, we quickly find that there is a lot of it. Who could you help today? 

10. What keeps you from helping those in need?

When choosing to serve others, we are often challenged. What are your own personal obstacles that stop you from choosing to serve?

11. Have you carried out a mission as part of a church community?

Contact with those in need can make us aware of our own shortcomings... Has this ever been your experience?

12. Why are you going to World Youth Day?

What would you like to pray for World Youth Day? 

If you have any feedback on these reflections that you'd like us to consider when we plan our next retreat, please email us.

You can download the files from our SoundCloud account. Download >>>


Week 1

I'll Wait for You by Salt of the Sound, from Meditations Vol. 1. Copyright © Salt of the Sound. Used with Permission.

Week 2

Heartstrings by Daniel Berkman, from Heartstrings. Copyright © Magnatune. Used with permission.

Week 3

Should My Soul by Steven Faux, from Do Not Be Not Far. Copyright © Steven Faux. Used with permission. 

Week 4

Ukuthula by The University of Johannesburg Choir, from Ukuthula. Copyright © University of Johannesburg Choir. Used with permission

Week 5

Be Near Me Still by Jodi Penner, from Tree in a StormCopyright © Jodi Penner. Used with permission. 

Week 6

Tanging Yaman by The Jesuits of the Phillipines, from VespersCopyright © Jesuit Music Ministry. Used with permission. 

Week 7

Interludio no. 23 - Presence by the Communita di Bose, from Ecco al Signore viene. Copyright © Monastero di Bose

Week 8

Prayer for Healing by Eric Nordhoff, from Quietime, Copyright © Eric Nordhoff. Used with permission. 

Week 9

Above the Clouds, by Suzanne Teng, from Enchanted Wind. Used under Creative Commons License via Magnatune.

Week 10 

Bless the Lord my Soul (Instrumental), by Taizé, from Taizé Instrumental Vol. 1.  Copyright © Taizé. Used with permission. 

Week 11

Make me Wait by Salt of the Sound, from Meditations Vol. 1. Copyright © Salt of the Sound. Used with Permission.