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A Year of Mercy, a Lent of Healing: Lent Retreat 2016

A Year of Mercy, a Lent of Healing

Welcome to our Lent Retreat 2016. This year, to correspond with the Year of Mercy, we will be reflecting on the healing miracles of Jesus in the Gospel narratives of Matthew. We hope this is a chance for you to not only rest in God as we prepare for Easter, but to also reflect on the merciful and healing action of God in your own life. 

You will find a new session of the retreat available here, and on the Sacred Space website each week. You can also access the audio via this page, or you can download it from our SoundCloud account. You can take the retreat at your own pace, in a place that suits you, using the text and audio to create a time of prayerful attention.



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The Cleansing of a Leper

In this first session of our Lent Retreat for 2016, we encounter the healing touch of Jesus through Matthew's narrative of the cleansing of a leper. 


The Healing of the Centurion's Servant

We can sometimes feel that we are restricted from mercy and healing. But this session takes a deeper look into the compassion of Jesus, which is open to all. 

Simon Peter's Mother-in-Law

In this session, we experience what happens when we encounter the healing mercy of Jesus: we are prompted to serve others from what we have received. 


The Gadarene Demoniac

In this session we look at the healing authority of Jesus as he casts out demons in the land of the Gadarenes. Have you ever experienced Jesus as 'unmistakeably in charge' of a situation in your life? Reflect with us.


The Healing of a Paralytic

In this session, we discover that Jesus' healing power goes much deeper than the restoring of physical ailments: He also has the power to forgive sins. A very controversial claim at the time of the healing...

Healing the Ruler's Daughter

In a final glimpse of healing for our Lenten journey, we look at two stories interwoven together. Our session this week explores the feelings of a man, desperate for the healing of his daughter, and the faith of a woman who has carried an illness for many years. How might you have felt carrying these healing requests to Jesus?


To draw our Lent Retreat to a close, we offer this final session in the style of an Examen conclusion. We take a look back at each session, allowing you to remember the scene, recall your feelings, and reflect on where your Lenten journey might continue from here.

If you have any feedback on these reflections that you'd like us to consider when we plan our next retreat or other reflections, please email us.

You can download and easily share the audio files of the Lent Retreat on our SoundCloud page.



Veni Creator Spiritus by Teresa Brown from In Search of Peace Copyright © Devine Music. Used with permission.


Session 1

Interludio (No. 15) by Communita di Bose, from Il Giorno del Signore Copyright © Fratelli e sorelle di Bose. Used with permission.

Session 2

Prayer for Healing by Eric Nordhoff, from Quietime. © Eric Nordhoff. Used with permission.

Session 3

Salve by Teresa Brown, from In Search of PeaceCopyright © Devine Music. Used with permission.

Session 4

I Arise by Keith Duke, from Sacred DanceCopyright © Kevin Mayhew. Used with permission. 

Session 5

Be Near Me Still by Jodi Penner, from Tree in a StormCopyright © Jodi Penner. Used with permission.