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Lent Retreat 2014


Welcome to our Retreat for Lent 2014. The theme of the Retreat is 'Called to be Saints', drawing its inspiration from Saint Paul's letter to the Romans.

You will find a new session of the retreat available on the Sacred Space website each week. You can also access the audio via this page, or you can download it from our SoundCloud account. You can take the retreat at your own pace, in a place that suits you, using the text and audio to create a time of prayerful attention.

The Retreat page >>>


Introduction to the Retreat

This session provides some background to our text as well as details of how to use the Retreat.


The First Week of Lent

The first session of our Lent Retreat focuses on the opening verses of Paul's Letter to the Romans.


The Second Week of Lent

The second session of our Lent Retreat focuses on Abraham as the archetype of faith.


The Third Week of Lent

The third session of our Lent Retreat focuses on the description Paul gives of the battle going on inside himself between Sin and Grace.


The Fourth Week of Lent

The fourth session of our Lent Retreat focuses on the fact that nothing can separate us from the Love of God.


The Fifth Week of Lent

The fifth session of our Lent Retreat focuses on our role in a wider community of faith.


Holy Week

The sixth session of our Lent Retreat focuses on the promises made to us by God.


The Easter Vigil - Conclusion

The seventh and concluding session of our Lent Retreat focuses on the new life of Baptism.


If you have any feedback on our Lent Retreat that you'd like us to consider when we plan our Advent Retreat, please email us.



Downloading the Files

You can download the files from our SoundCloud account. Find out more >>>



Images & Artwork


For so much of our work, we rely on the generosity of some hugely talented people who allow us to use their work free of charge. PAYG would particularly like to thank Maria Laughlin for allowing us to use details of her images for the individual sections of our retreat. 

Find out more >>>


We're also very thankful to John Bateson-Hill who has provided the cover image for our retreat.

Find out more >>>



Music Details



Quietime Prayer: Yesterday Today Forever by Eric Nordhoff from Quietime Prayer © 2010 TwoNords Music. Used with Permission.


First Week of Lent:

Interludio: Présence from Inni al Signore by the Comunità di Bose, Italy © Edizioni Qiqajon. Used with permission.


Second Week of Lent:

Interlude 4 from Missa de Meridiana Terra by the University of Johannesburg Choir. Used with permission.


Third Week of Lent:

Dark Moon from Enchanted Wind by Suzanne Teng. Used under Creative Commons License via Magnatune.


Fourth Week of Lent:

Nocturne Solenne from Fantasias for Violin and Piano by Eric Genuis. Used with permission.


Fifth Week of Lent:

The Cathedral Set- Lo Yisa Goi Kol HaN'shamah from Panta Rhei - Celtic and Mediterranean Music for Harp by Diana Rowan. Used under Creative Commons License via Magnatune.


Holy Week:

Lachrimae Pavana from John Dowland: Lute songs, lute music by Francesca Torelli. Used under Creative Commons License via Magnatune.


The Easter Vigil & Conclusion:

Quietime Prayer: Prayer for Healing by Eric Nordhoff from Quietime Prayer © 2010 TwoNords Music. Used with Permission.