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Advent Retreat 2013

In Lent this year, we launched an online retreat in collaboration with Sacred Space. This was really popular with our listeners, many of whom said it was an excellent way of helping them to prepare for the celebration of the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus at Easter. Following from the popularity of the Lent Retreat, we've worked with Sacred Space again to offer an Advent Retreat.

As well as our normal podcasts following the daily Catholic lectionary, we will offer these special sessions which have as their theme, 'The God who is to come.'  The retreat focuses on the promises made by Jesus in the Gospel of John, promises about eternal life, and the world to come.  The retreat hopes to help us focus more clearly on the present, by helping us to think about the promises which have been made by Jesus about our future.

Whilst many Pray-as-you-go users will be used to audio podcasts, Sacred Space offers its content in text form. The retreat will be available as text and audio from the Sacred Space retreat website. Unfortunately, because of the changes that have happened to our website over the past couple of months. The audio of the retreats will not appear in the Pray-as-you-go podcast (RSS) subscription. 



Feedback >>>

If you have any feedback on these reflections that you'd like us to consider when we plan our next retreat or other reflections, please email us.


Maranatha - Come, Lord Jesus by Keith Duke from Sacred Weave, © Kevin Mayhew Ltd. Used with permission.


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Quietime Prayer: Prayer for Healing by Eric Nordhoff from Quietime Prayer © 2010 TwoNords Music. Used with Permission.


Breath of Love from Enchanted Wind by Suzanne Teng. Used under a Creative Commons non-commerical licence from


Romanza Tranquilla by Eric Genuis from Fantasias for Violin and Piano © 2007 Eric Genuis. Used with Permission.