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Welcome to this year's Advent Retreat. A retreat is a great way to take a step back from the pressures of day-to-day life and provides a chance to reflect prayerfully during this season of waiting for Christ's coming at Christmas. In collaboration with Sacred Space, we have created this opportunity for you to take some time and journey towards Christmas reflectively. 


This year, we will be following the Journey of the Magi through the Gospel of Matthew. Guided creatively with literary illustrations and imaginative contemplation, you will be invited to embark on this journey and discover this famous story in a new light. We also hope that, at the same time, you’ll come to a deepened awareness of God at work in your own life.


The Path of Desire

The first session of this retreat reflects on the beginnings of a journey and the ways in which desire stirs us towards the light.


We Do Not Travel Alone

A session inviting you to reflect on the relationships on your life journey, both the good and the bad; from the past and the present.

Danger on the Road

Any journey involves moments of danger; times when things go wrong, or when the right direction is unclear. What did this look like for the Magi? And what might it look like for our own journeys? 

Lost in wonder

What can we learn from the response of the Magi as they express their joy and worship Jesus? What can we learn from their adoration?

Carrying a Gift

Have you reflected on the act of gift-giving at Christmas before? Stemming from the tradition of the Magi bringing their gifts to the Holy Family, we have a lot to reflect on in this realm. What does it mean to give a gift? What are your own, unique God-given gifts? 

Another Way of Life

As we come to the end of our journey with the Magi, we draw our attention to our own journey as a Christian. How might we be experiencing God in our current situations as we seek out new paths and directions in the coming New Year?

If you have any feedback on these reflections that you'd like us to consider when we plan our next retreat or other reflections, please email us.

You can download and easily share the audio files of the Lent Retreat on our SoundCloud page.



Maranatha by Keith Duke, from Sacred Weave. Copyright © Kevin Mayhew. Used with Permission.

On the Breath of the Wind by Keith Duke, from Sacred PathwayCopyright © Kevin Mayhew. Used with Permission.


Session 1

Floating Bamboo by Suzanne Teng, from Enchanted Wind. Copyright © Magnatune. Used with Permission.


Session 2

The Cathedral Set by Diana Rowan, from Panta RheiCopyright © Magnatune. Used with Permission.


Session 3

Phenix - Adagio by Musica Franca, from Michel Corrette, Le Phenix. Copyright © Magnatune. Used with Permission.


Session 4

Adoro te Devote performed by the Portsmouth Cathedral Choir, directed by David Rice. Copyright © Convivium Records


Session 5

Christ Be Near by Keith Duke, from Sacred Pathway. Copyright © Kevin Mayhew. Used with Permission.


Session 6

As the Mist Clears (Instrumental) by Salt of the Sound, from Meditations. © Salt of the Sound. Used with Permission.