Welcome to this year's Advent Retreat.
For many, this year would have been a difficult year. We only need to glance at the global news to feel the force of suffering in the world. Our own lives too are often weighed down by sorrow, trouble and pain.

Advent is a time of waiting. In the Book of Revelation we hear that one day, ‘God will wipe every tear from their eyes’. Maybe this is what you find yourself waiting for at the moment. Maybe it’s something else, or simply, Christ himself.
You might like to pause and ponder what you are waiting for at this particular time.
Our Advent journey this year will focus on God’s quiet entry into the suffering of the world. Jesus, Emmanuel was born among us, right into the heart of our suffering. Jesus joins us in our suffering, and this Christmas we incline our ears a little closer to the manger, to hear Christ’s first cry.
Where are you able to experience the hope of Jesus’ entry into our world this year?
Where might you find comfort in Jesus who, though fully God, became fully human to be with us?
How might reflecting this Advent take you deeper?
As you begin, what do you want to bring to God? What hopes do you have for this retreat?
As you prepare to begin this Advent journey, you might like to take a moment to become aware of all those around the world praying this retreat with you. Pray for them, remembering too all those suffering, all people for whom Christ was born, suffered, died, and rose again, to reveal our greatest hope and joy.

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