Money Examen

Welcome to the Money Examen.

This is an opportunity to cast your burdens onto the Lord using imaginative and reflective prayer surrounding money and finances.

How is God speaking to you about money? Can you hear God’s voice about it all?

We hope you will discover the depth of God’s care for you in this challenging aspect of life.

Learning to use money wisely is an important part of life. Money can bring up feelings with us that govern our thoughts, words and actions. This prayer is designed to help you recognize those feelings and let God show you how to use money with prudence.

First start by finding stillness. Allow yourself to relax and just do the minimum it takes to be here. Shut your eyes if it helps. Gently listen to all the sounds around you. Try to capture each one.

Imagine that you are holding a golden coin in your right hand. Feel its weight and notice how valuable it is. Then recall a moment when you felt in harmony with nature, connected with other people or face to face with God. It might be a beautiful sunset, an encounter with an old friend, or a moment of prayer. Imagine you are holding it in your left hand. Which is more precious to you, the coin or that moment? Its enough to notice the difference and give thanks.

Ask for a gentle light so you can see what God has been doing in your life.

Now replay a chosen period of time in your mind, just as though you are watching a movie.

Let God show you the true value of money. Recall the times when you spent money or paid for something on credit and the times when you held back. Recall all the experiences and encounters you received as a free gift. Carefully weigh the value of the money you spent against these moments.

Where you feel grateful for your use of money, give thanks to God. Where you feel regret, apologise to God…

Do you notice the desire to consume more? Or the desire to consume less? Which of those leads you to a more realistic sense of value and self-worth?

Now you have replayed the period of time in your mind, let those feelings of gratitude and sorrow sink deeper. Speak to God about your use of money, in the same way you speak to one of your friends.

And finally, what is the one thing which you need to ask from God to use money with wisdom and prudence tomorrow? Ask God for it now.

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

Money Examen
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