An Examen on the Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II spoke often about the importance of her own faith. As we remember her before God, we ask God to deepen our own faith.

What words or images spring immediately to mind when you think of the late Queen?

She once said: “When I was 21, I pledged my life to the service of our people, and asked for God's help to make that vow.” As you hear those words, what stirs in you?

Often, when someone has died, people recall particular aspects of their lives with thanksgiving. What might you want to thank God for in the life of Queen Elizabeth?

Which aspects of your own life has this time of prayer highlighted? Are you inspired in some way by Queen Elizabeth to live life differently?

You might like to end this time by praying for the members of the Queen’s family who are mourning her; and particularly for King Charles, as he takes up his new role.

Written by Paul Nicholson SJ
9th September 2022

Queen Elizabeth II Examen Prayer
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