An Explanation of Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina: Listening with the Heart
Lectio Divina is a Latin phrase meaning, ‘Godly reading’. It is a simple yet profound method of prayer found in many traditions of Christian spirituality. Sometimes it is called 'meditative reading' or 'spiritual reading', but could perhaps better be described as praying with a listening heart.
The 'lectio' of Lectio Divina is a listening with the heart, as you tend to do quite naturally when you are struck by the beauty of a sunset, as you are mulling over a treasured memory, or as you pay attention to someone you love. In praying this way you hear a scripture passage or other sacred text and you let God guide your heart.
You read slowly, with pauses, and relish or drink in the words you are hearing. A natural process takes place: heartfelt listening moves naturally into a deep reflection upon the words and the silences between them; and that deep reflection leads you to some kind of heartfelt response. You find yourself speaking from the heart to the God who has spoken to you. Let the ease and rhythm of this approach to prayer carry you deeper into God.

Lectio Divina Part 1: An Explanation
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