The Morning Offering

A morning offering (or daily offering) is a brief prayer that places us and the day ahead in the heart of Christ and his mission as an offering to God. It is usually prayed at the beginning of your day.

Some background to the Morning Offering: The morning offering has been an old practice in the Church traced back to those like Saint Mechtilde (1241-1298) who had visions of Jesus Christ and transmitted the following words of Jesus: "When you awake in the morning, let your first act be to salute My Heart, and to offer Me your own. ...Whoever shall breathe a sigh toward Me from the bottom of their heart when they awake in the morning and shall ask Me to work all My works in them throughout the day, will draw Me to themselves ... For never does a person breathe a sigh of longing aspiration toward Me without drawing Me nearer to them than I was before."

It gained popularity through the Apostleship of Prayer in the 1800s and continues to be encouraged today. Have a go with one of our exercise sessions…

About the Morning Offering
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