Station thirteen: Jesus is taken down from the cross

We adore You, O Christ, and we praise You.
Because by Your holy cross, You have redeemed the world.
Then there came Joseph of Arimathaea, a prominent member of the Council, who himself lived in the hope of seeing the kingdom of God, and he boldly went to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus. Pilate, astonished that he should have died so soon, summoned the centurion and enquired if he had been dead for some time. Having been assured of this by the centurion, he granted the corpse to Joseph who bought a shroud, took Jesus down from the cross
Mark 15: 43-46
Jesus’s body is taken down from the cross. Darkness settles around the world. The Son of God has been killed by His own people. He is placed in the arms of His mother, just as He was that first night in the stable. Mary, the mother, cradles her child.
There are so many children caught up in these desperate situations. Many are born in camps away from their home, never knowing any life other than makeshift tents. Others accompany their parents on the dangerous journeys across borders and seas; journeys they may not complete. Some journey alone, leaving them extremely vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Many children are born and raised in the countries where their parents have sought refuge and are not afforded the same rights and opportunities as their peers, despite this being the only home they have ever known.
We pray for all children who are refugees; that they may be kept safe. May they be blessed by being able to have a happy childhood and not be forced into situations which make them grow up too soon.
I love you, Jesus, my love above all things,
And I repent with my whole heart of having offended you.
Never permit me to separate myself from you again,
Grant that I may love you always, and then do with me what you will.

Station thirteen: Jesus is taken down from the cross
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