Examen Prayer

An Examen prayer for after your shift. 
At the end of my day, Lord, I want to consider the day that I have lived in your love and in your service. And I ask that you show me how I have lived in order that I may live tomorrow better.  
A moment of thanks:
First I give thanks for the opportunity that you have given me to be your servant in this world filled with your truth, your grace and your love. I give thanks for the talents and the training, the gifts and the graces that you have given me to do your work. And I give thanks also for the people – parents, family, teachers and friends through whom you have given me those things.  
A moment of insight:
I ask that I may see myself as my patients have seen me… As my colleagues have seen me… And most of all as You have seen me.  
A moment of examination:
And now I go through my day… All that I have done… And all that I have tried to do … All the patients I have seen… I make them my first concern… Are there any particular ones whose faces stick in my memory? Are there any with whom I felt a particular sense of Joy?… Or any in whom I felt a shade of sorrow, … distress, … fear… or anger…. On them especially, I ask Your blessing.  
If any of them have died today, I pray that they may be with You in paradise. And I pray that I may be at peace with their memory.   And I remember also my colleagues… Were there any times when I felt that we were collaborating truly in God’s work… Were there any times when I felt that we were falling short of the best working relationships we could have?…  
A moment of sorrow: I try to see my whole day through Your eyes,… What was there that I learned today that I hope may be different tomorrow?... Is there anything that I hope to do differently?… Is there any way which I hope to be different myself?... And I ask the Lord to bless my learning and my hope.  
A moment of hope: And to conclude, I pray that the Lord will call me again… Tomorrow… once more into his healing work. And that he will be with me always,… Yes to the end of time.

Healing Hands: Examen (Female Voice)
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