Session 3  
Focusing Exercise:
As you begin to pray this session of the Retreat, take a moment to become more still, more silent, more focused. Spend a little time becoming more aware of what is around you, and of the different feelings of in the different parts of your body – the way your clothes feel against your body, the way you are sitting, or standing, or lying.  If you’re on the move – how you’re moving.  Be aware of the feelings all around you, beginning with your feet. Work your way through your body – from your legs right up through to your arms and head. Let the feeling of each part register with you.  Then when you’re ready, let your attention come to rest somewhere at the centre of yourself.  It’s from that quiet centre that we will listen to Mary’s Song. Mary’s soul magnifies the Lord.  She tells of the coming of Christ – the Christ who will revolutionise our world, your world.  As you listen to Mary’s words line by line, take the time between each verse to ponder what Mary’s words mean to you in your life – in the unique circumstances of your life.  

Reflection: The words of Mary speak prophetically to every age, the injustices of the time of Mary are the same as the injustices now – violence, hatred, inequality, commoditization.  As this session of the Retreat comes to an end, and as you prepare to conclude the Retreat, enter into a conversation with Mary, mother of God about what her words mean to you in your life.  
Our Lady of the Journey, show me the way to reach the Father, at the side of your Son. Amen.

Session 3
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