Juliano Ravanello

| Thursday 2 of February 2023

The middle child of a traditional family in União da Vitória, a city in the interior of Paraná, Juliano Ravanello showed an interest in Gregorian chant at a young age. With no artistic family heritage, he surprised everyone with his musical ear and an amazing ability to memorize scale tones.

Business Administrator and completely self-taught, Juliano worked on the reinterpretation of this millenary chant that was conceived from a constant search for the best way to translate Gregorian chant to the present day. That quest took Ravanello to Italy, Israel and India. “By singing I try to establish a spiritual connection with what is divine, regardless of religions or dogmas”, he says.

In his curriculum he has presentations in several Brazilian states such as Santa Catarina, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Bahia. Abroad he had the opportunity to perform in Italy and Israel in Palestine. His songs are heard in more than 130 countries on digital platforms.

For Juliano, his work has the function of passing on an important message. “I think that the artist has the mission of bringing people closer to the infinite beauty of God. Music prepares humanity for the ascension of the cosmic order, and opens the way for the beautiful, harmonic and fair.”


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