Dear Gravity

Mike Graff | Monday 13 of September 2021

Dear Gravity is the emotive ambient-cinematic work of composer, producer and sound designer Mike Graff. 

Drawing from long-time genre-touchpoints (such as perennial mainstays Hammock and Helios) while exploring new sonic territory, Graff’s music evokes beauty, nuance, stillness and rest.  Through "a unique style and tone both ambient and neo-classical fans will deeply appreciate" (Rural Sounds), Dear Gravity is bringing a new landscape of color and mystery into focus.

“Our world isn’t slowing down,” Graff says, “And when I try to keep up with it all, I begin to disconnect from my soul—from the ability to feel, notice and live. Creating as Dear Gravity helps me rediscover that color and mystery in life, and my goal is allow listeners to experience the same.”

With growing acclaim from critics and listeners alike, Dear Gravity has topped five million streams in the last two years and earned spots on Spotify editorial playlists such as Lava Lamp, Rise, and Mind & Body. With the landmark 25-song
The Pilgrimage Series
, prominent compilation releases (including from Memoir Music and Echoes in the Valley), and collaborations with eminent ambient artists (Salt of the Sound, Simon Wester, We Dream of Eden), Dear Gravity shows no signs of slowing down in creating “ambient music at its very best” (Louder Than The Music).


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