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Praying with St Ignatius

Pray as you go is a work of the Jesuits in Britain, and so it is inspired by Ignatian Spirituality. We have a number of resources to help you find out more about Ignatian Spirituality, from introductory retreats, to imaginative contemplation exercises. You can find out more about them on this page.



Introductions to Ignatian Spirituality

In two series of reflections, we offer an introduction to Ingatian Spirituality. Both of these series of reflections look at the life of St Ignatius and his great spiritual work, The Spiritual Exercises. The work of Pray as you go is inspired by Ignatian Spirituality, and so before you go deeper into Ignatian Spirituality, you might find these brief introductions helpful.

The Life of St Ignatius and The Spiritual Exercises >>>

The Way of Ignatius >>>

Breathing and Body Exercises

As well as providing our prayer reflections, we also provide these breathing and body exercises which help you to prepare for your time of prayer. (This is particularly important as many of our listeners use Pray as you go as part of an extended time of prayer.) These both last around 5 mins and can be a really beneficial way of starting each prayer session.

Find out more >>>

The Examen

This prayer of review is a short reflection back over the day, recalling events and taking note of your feelings. The purpose is to become more aware of the ways in which God has been present to you, the times when the Holy Spirit was drawing you towards life.

Although coming from an older monastic tradition, St Ignatius recommended it to his earliest followers.

Find out more >>>

Imaginative Contemplation

Saint Ignatius believed that God could speak to us just as clearly in our imagination as through our thoughts and our memories. In his Spiritual Exercises he writes of contemplation as a very active way of engaging your feelings, emotions, and senses to place yourself in the scene described. 

Find out more >>>