I work in aged care and thought I knew a great deal about grief until my father died and my mother was revealed as having alzheimer's disease. I was crippled by grief and following a comment from an Anglican Priest about prayer being helpful, stumbled upon Pray-as-you-go through an Anglican website. I have found it to be transformative in that it has aided an 18 month journey of healing along with beginning a much deeper approach to prayer and giving me the confidence to attend a retreat for busy people. I listen every morning before my husband and children wake up and the working day begins. It has been sustaining to know I pray with a global prayer group and connect with so many across the world. Thank you. 

Sara, from Adelaide, South Australia

Here's Jame Dubyoski using Pray-as-you-go on an iPod at South Bethany Beach, Delaware, USA (We thank James for permission to use the picture, and the Jopson family for sending it to us).

James Dubyoski

I listen to PAYG all week long.  It was recommended to me by a minister friend in Dallas, Texas, and yes, he loves it too.  PAYG is the single greatest devotional tool I have ever used.  Nothing has ever initiated a time of prayer and devotion like PAYG.  I look forward to using it every evening, because I get to close out the day with worship, scripture, and prayer.  Thank you for producing this exceptional devotional podcast. 

Tim Jenkins

I heard PAYG just last week after surfing the web.  It's a wonderful site, It gives me more energy to start my day and increase focus, while being more spiritual me.  I get used to use PAYG in the morning before I go to college.  I can perform better in class, take notes effectively, while be a more better me.  I feel more comfortable in dealing a very busy college life.  Thanks. 

A college student from Indonesia

A few months ago I was looking for a means to make better use of the time I have to spend in the train and subway when going to work every day.  At the same time I felt that my busy schedule did not include sufficient time to communicate with God in prayer.  So I got myself an MP3 player and searched the web for some 'inspiration material'.  I was looking for spiritual food, not just for music, and your daily prayer sessions are exactly the right thing.  I feel really so much blessed by listening to the podcasts and I would not like to miss it anymore.  My mother tongue is German, but my main language at work is English, so I have no problem to understand (although sometimes I have to smile because some of your speakers have accents that sound funny to my ears).  I also find I can understand the daily Gospel or bible passage much better when I hear it once or twice in English, after having read it in German before (or heard it read in Church).  I am Catholic and really enjoy the openness of your prayer style: it feels so good to get your impulses and suggestions and then have time to continue talking to God in my own heart.  Thank you so much, and please continue!