How to do the Examen

| Monday 8 of August 2022

There are five steps to the Examen as it appears in the Spiritual Exercises (n.43) of St Ignatius Loyola:

1 Give thanks
Spend a few moments in gratitude for the gifts and blessings of the day.

2 Ask for light
Ask God to enlighten you, showing where he has been at work and present in your day through events, people and places.

3 Examine the day
Review the moments of the day, noticing what has led to consolation and what has led to desolation and my reactions to these events, people and places (see below on consolation and desolation).

4 Seek forgiveness
Ask God's forgiveness for the times when you have acted, spoken or thought contrary to his grace and calling for you.

5 Resolve to change
Decide what in your behaviour or attitude you will try to improve tomorrow.


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