Inner and outer sensing

Inner and Outer Sensing | Wednesday 2 of June 2021

Most people want to live life to the full, but how do you go about that? One way is through a heightened use of our senses. Becoming consciously aware of what each sense has to offer can greatly enrich daily living. This ‘way’ calls for pausing, maybe just for a second, on the use of a particular sense. Senses can be aroused randomly, for example by an unexpected sound, smell or touch. If the stimulus is attractive, or even repulsive, give it a few seconds of your attention. The experience of a particular sense might evoke memories, something entirely new or simply be valued for what it is offering you in a particular moment of time. Our senses can also alert us to something significant in our life – maybe arouse feelings of joy or alternatively of sadness. Our senses can ‘speak’ to us of many things through their ability to bring to our attention a large variety of reactions such as: surprise, delight, challenge, sadness and fear.


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