The Rosary Reflections

Welcome to Rosary Reflections

These meditations are designed to offer something to everyone! We hope to introduce people who are unfamiliar with the Rosary to this popular devotion, and offer those who regularly pray the Rosary a chance to experience something new.  Whether you learned to pray the Rosary as a child from family members, or later in life from priests, religious, spiritual directors, or friends, or whether you’re completely unfamiliar with the Rosary, we hope that we can provide you with something new and spiritually sustaining.

How does it work?

These Rosary meditations draw heavily on traditional prayers and traditional music. We have tried to use a number of the traditional prayers of the Rosary including, most obviously, the Hail Mary, Glory be, and the Creed which is performed as the initial instrumental music.  The meditations are based on passages from Scripture with two questions of reflection for each one.  Each meditation is quite long (around twenty minutes) and are designed to offer an extended period of meditation.  

What is the Rosary?

The word Rosary comes from the Latin rosarium, meaning crown or garland of roses and refers to a sequence of prayers traditionally used in the Catholic Church as a way of entering into the life of Mary, whose continual focus was on Christ. It therefore helps us to understand something more of the life of Jesus by participating in the events of his life through the eyes of one of the people closest to him. 


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