Season of Creation: A Virtual Journey

Welcome to this virtual journey for the Season of Creation. 

During the month of September, we will be offering one session a week for you to reflect on God's creation and your place in it. We invite you to stay with the session throughout the week, noticing what you are drawn to on this journey. We hope you will discover new ways to grow in your relationship with God and the world around you. 

Week 1

 play_arrowPlay : 1. Joyful gratitude for creation 

Week 2

 play_arrowPlay : 2. The joy of being God's creature 

Week 3

 play_arrowPlay : 3. The joy of living is more than consuming 

Week 4

 play_arrowPlay : 4. A symphony of all creatures with humanity 

Week 5

 play_arrowPlay : 5. Living Simply