Imagining the Nativity

This Advent, we have produced some extra Imaginative Contemplation exercises for marriage and family life in collaboration with the Diocese of Westminster. Whilst these resources are available for everyone, they are designed to be particularly effective as a way of fully entering into scripture reflectively, and then used as a springboard for discussion within couples and families. We hope however these will be widely used by all, whether single, married or otherwise. We invite you to enter into Advent with us imaginatively and prayerfully today. 


 play_arrowPlay : Introduction 

1. The Visitation

 play_arrowPlay : 1. The Visitatation 

2. Joseph

 play_arrowPlay : 2. Joseph 

3. The Shepherds

 play_arrowPlay : 3. The Shepherds 

4. The Innkeeper's Wife

 play_arrowPlay : 4. The Innkeepers Wife 

5. Mary & Jesus

 play_arrowPlay : 5. Mary and Jesus 

6. The Magi

 play_arrowPlay : 6. The Magi