Advent Retreat 2020

Welcome to this year's Advent retreat in collaboration with Sacred Space, written by Gemma Simmonds CJ. 

Do you know that God is with you?

After a year of challenges, changes, suffering, isolation and social distancing, perhaps there's never been a more important time to reflect on the Incarnation; to reflect on God's incredible plan to draw as close as possible to us, by becoming one of us. 

As ever, we are in collaboration with Sacred Space too, so if you'd like to listen and read step-by-step, Sacred Space will have that option for you.

Sessions last about 20-25 minutes will be released week by week. Why not add these dates to your diary now?

play_arrowPlay : Introduction to 'God is with You' 

play_arrowPlay : Practicalities 

 play_arrowPlay : Session 1: God With Us 

 play_arrowPlay : Session 2: How can this be? 

 play_arrowPlay : 3. Do not be Afraid 

 play_arrowPlay : Session 4: Going home by another way 

 play_arrowPlay : Session 5: A future full of hope 

 play_arrowPlay : God is with you: Conclusion