There are not words enough to thank PAYG in my case. In my spiritual search as an adult, I came across these meditations and prayers. I felt to be true in hearth and mind. From there on I searched myself to the Catholic Church. We don't have much of Catholicism here in Sweden as it is a Protestant country ( at least formally ) so when I am ill or not able to go to mass, as today. I can rely on this site, it has given me so much insight, warmth and calmness. So thank you yet again PAYG! May peace be with you all, always! Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam. From Sweden with many regards.

Mikael Ignatius

I was so surprised and blessed to hear the singing in Lithuanian today! I felt as it was a sensitive gesture of love and care from you, which touched my heart by reminding the Gods deep concern and interest in my daily life. Eventually, today before prayer I was asking Jesus to answer through His word my questions and doubts of current situation I am in. The starting singing in my native langue caught me of guard and opened my heart unconditionally to the Gods word. Thank you so much for your service! God bless you+


Your podcast is such a blessing. It is both well considered and well produced. Thank you for this! It is a gift to me daily.


I am finding PAYG a perfect complement to my CLC prayer life - and am settling into the rhythm of listening to the meditation first and last thing in my day - a real blessing. I have also recommended it to other members of my CLC group. Thanks so much for this work.


Thank you so much for this wonderful resource. The past two years it has been a such a blessing in both my husband's and my own daily prayer time. Blessings from South Africa