I loved every part of the program. The music was comforting and prayerful. Thank you for providing this us.

Beatrice Caulson

PAYG , lenten moments and dogmagis are very enriching. They help me to reflect on my relationship with Jesus and make Jesus real and close to me.


PAYG together with dotMagis and Lentern moments of Mercy have helped make my journey through lent this year very special. I have seen glimpses of the Glory of God through Jesus and at the same time walked along side Him as a fellow human being and friend and, dare I say it, seen, in His very humanness, some of His vulnerability. A very humbling experience. Thank you


Thank you very much for these contemplations. I have really enjoyed them and having followed them throughout Lent along with another 30 day book which came along at the same time. I have had a rich experience of the Easter season. One I shall treasure for a long time.


PAYG is a more personal connection with the guided meditation helping me to enter into the daily journey. Thank you.

Eileen Lilly