Thank you very much for these contemplations. I have really enjoyed them and having followed them throughout Lent along with another 30 day book which came along at the same time. I have had a rich experience of the Easter season. One I shall treasure for a long time.


PAYG is a more personal connection with the guided meditation helping me to enter into the daily journey. Thank you.

Eileen Lilly

My wife and I have been listening for 6 months now and we thank you for this wonderful and blessed resource. Simple yet deep reflections on the Word of God providing the best start to our day.


I really appreciate PAYG especially the examens and the reflections on the Stations of the Cross, retreats etc. The Magi for advent was wonderful, as is the Hopkins retreat.May the Lord bless your wonderful work.


I started listening to you since the very beginning and shared with a then 87 year old english friend. She loved your meditations! a couple of years ago she told me she didnt need any new ones and just listens to the same ones every day! she loves them!