Just want to thank you so much for the wonderful prayer website,pray-as-you-go.  It is a wonderful tool for prayer for me.  I love the format.  The beautiful music, the scripture of the day, the beautifully swirling imagery and the questions and thoughts that are posed to the me the listener.  And the universal Glory Be at the end.  Thank you!  This is really enabling me to be in the Lord's presence.  I feel truly blessed.  Your ministry is a godsend in this busy world of computers and ipods, etc.  Thanks for using your talents to bless so many people, and to glorify God.  May God richy bless all of you! 

Candy Smaill

I am a clinical psychologist in Tennessee and a client suggested I take a look at the pray-as-you-go website after we discussed its utility in his life and how it related to his psychotherapy.  I got "hooked" last fall even though I don't easily define myself as religious.  I was raised an Evangelical United Brethren, later became a Quaker and then in the last fifteen years have gravitated toward Unitarian-Universalism.  Coincidental with finding out about pray-as-you-go, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  I've been downloading and engaging in a spiritual practice of sorts via pray-as-you-go for almost a year now.  It's an important part of my life and I miss it when I skip a day.  It's helped temper my own arrogance and helped me feel humble before God.  And this even when I don't consistently or often agree with Catholic theology.  It doesn't matter to me.  The Jesuits, beginning with the Berrigan brothers, have been models for me in their commitment to social justice.  That commitment is revealed often in the Biblical passages read and in the queries you pose.  I brought my i-Pod to the hospital when I had my surgery, which has turned out to be very successful.  Pray-as-you-go has been an essential part of my recovery and continuing faith journey.  Thank you very much. 

Tom Burns

I'm a 19-year veteran police officer and a recent convert from agnosticism.  I was baptized into the Catholic faith during the Easter Vigil, 2007 at St Vincent de Paul Church in Omaha, Nebraska.  I discovered your website from a link on the Creighton University Online Ministries site.  I have always loved the UK, culture, roads, food, people, sportsbiking, your accent and dialect, just about everything.  (Perhaps one day I can travel there.) I now have yet another reason to love you.  I cannot adequately express what a wonderful service you're providing to visitors of your site.  I now begin each morning with the daily file, listening to the music, scripture passages, and provocative questions being posed, and contemplating my life within God.  Since my conversion, I have felt a tremendous debt to give back for all I've received through Christ.  I started a humble little apostolate catering to Catholic police officers, but it's quickly morphed into a blog, www.defendusinbattle.org and bi-monthly subscription list of hundreds who receive my newsletter.  I have added pray-as-you-go to my blog links and will devote an article to it in my next issue.  God bless and keep up the great work! 

Jeff Baker

I saw a reference to your website about 6 months ago and visited out of curiosity.  Since then my PC auto-downloads each week's meditations and I listen to them each morning as I set up my desk for work.  It's quite a calming way to start the day, I particularly enjoy the readings, many of which I remember from school but would have forgotten.  The music that is interspersed, especially the Gregorian and French chants always enhance the message for me.  It makes me remember my faith in a different way.  Thank you. 


I found your site while surfing the net.  I listen to the daily meditationsn on the bus to work, and they are a real blessing.  This last week God showed me that he had chosen me, not some version of me that other people want me to be, but me.  I am not a Catholic but I have great respect for traditional Catholic spirituality.  Love to all at PAYG. 

Barry Welsh