I can't remember how I heard about Pray-as-you-go -- I think maybe it was on a website somewhere.  It was pretty early on, because it was during Lent 2006.  I listen every morning on my subway ride.  When my mp3 player broke, I was very dissapointed I couldn't get my PAYG podcasts anymore.  Then my boyfriend gave me a new one for Christmas, and the first thing I thought was "I can listen to my daily meditations again!".  I find it very calming and peaceful -- it is a wonderful way to start the day, centered on what is important.  Sometimes it is hard to listen with all the train announcements, but I still find it worthwhile.  Thank you for this resource -- I really appreciate it. 

Mary Holt

I heard about Pray-as-you-go at a retreat at Loyola Hall, Prescot, Lancashire, and am very grateful for it.  I use it each morning on the bus going to work.  My daughter gave me her cast-off mp3 player and that's how I listen.  I had got out of the habit of regular daily prayer, and this has helped me to get back into praying and meditating.  It gives my thoughts a God-ward direction at the beginning of the day.  I appreciate the fact that the reading is repeated.  I agree with other contributors that it would be great to havepray-as-you-go for Saturdays as well, and maybe Sundays - although being at the Mass is central on that day.  Thank you so much. 

Frances Chadwick

We are very happy for this gift,this weekly meditation.  It is marvelous.  Our time of meditation is on the bicycle through the dark mornings here in Karlstad.  Warm greetings and blessings.

Susanne and Bernhard Glifberg

I just found your iTunes podcast site and I think it is great.  Also it is very well done.  The music, the text, a question, and then a re-reading.  Very simple.  Very moving.  And I am a religious Jew, and still I find your site one of the best out there!  I have not been exposed to the New Testament, in a long time so I feel that it is a great way to learn.

Jay Ledner

I am 34 years old and a very regular listener.  Less frequently I listen to Father Roderick's podcast (Daily Breakfast).  From there I found other podcasts, including yours.  I use it at work while programming.....;-), working in the garden.  But, and for this I am very grateful, I by now especially see Pray-as-you-go as an important tool in my spiritual development.  Next to my daily routine this means that whenever I create time for reflection, I regularly start with some episodes of Pray-as-you-go.  For me going in this case is spiritual...not physical.  I have found it a wonderful experience.....  love, peace and well-being guaranteed after listening to Pray-as-you-go!, thank you..... !

Christian from Spa, Belgium