I have recently returned from a sponsored trek in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, to raise funds towards the costs of staffing the Docklands Chaplaincy to the Business Community in Canary Wharf.  As an Anglican priest who is a workplace chaplain I do not always manage to get to my local church to say morning prayer with my colleagues, as my working day at Canary Wharf often starts earlier than the time at which my colleagues pray together, so I often listen to Pray-as-you-go on my iPod as I walk to Canary Wharf from home.  I found it invaluable to be able to have a few minutes each day on the Trek in Morocco when during all the hustle and bustle I was able to spend time quietly with God, in such an amazing location where one could not help but be in awe and wonder of the creator God.  One of the days downloads was about God's unconditional love, it was just incredible to be such an insignificant human being in such a vast place of beauty and creation and yet still know that God unconditionally loves us.  I know that many who work at Canary Wharf also find this site really helpful.  Thank you for providing it. 

Rev Fiona Stewart-Darling

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy and have come to rely on your Pray-As-You-Go podcast.  I just discovered podcasting earlier this year and found the pray-as-you-go series on iTunes during Lent.  I came to rely on is so much as part of my daily prayer.  So I was extremely happy to find that the series was ongoing and did not end at Easter.  I listen every day on my way to or from work and your prayer time helps center me for the rest of the day.  I'm so glad someone has found a way to use technology in such a positive way.  What you do really makes a difference!  Please keep it up! 

Morgan McQuiston

I listen to the "pray-as-you-go" podcast very often, I can't remember how I found it.  It's a relief in the midst of a hectic world.  The combination of the beautiful music, the bible reading and the good reflecting questions stir my soul.  And guess what: I am not even a Catholic!  In fact I am an evangelical pastor!  I mostly listen to the podcast while I walk the dog in the morning.  It's a great way to start my day.  Thank you and God bless.

Pastor Jan Wolsheimer

I learned about pray-as-you-go.org last week from one of my dear Cursillista Sisters.  Running a high-growth marketing and PR agency serving global and start-up clients can be extremely hectic.  I've added your site to my calendar as a recurring appointment to start each workday by getting centered on Christ.  What an incredible way to spend time with our Father!  Rest assured I'll be telling many others about your site.  Blessings to you and thank you for your great work!!!

Colleen Edwards

Just want to thank you so much for the wonderful prayer website,pray-as-you-go.  It is a wonderful tool for prayer for me.  I love the format.  The beautiful music, the scripture of the day, the beautifully swirling imagery and the questions and thoughts that are posed to the me the listener.  And the universal Glory Be at the end.  Thank you!  This is really enabling me to be in the Lord's presence.  I feel truly blessed.  Your ministry is a godsend in this busy world of computers and ipods, etc.  Thanks for using your talents to bless so many people, and to glorify God.  May God richy bless all of you! 

Candy Smaill