I work in a Jesuit university and learned about PAYG from a Jesuit friend.  Since then I have always downloaded the prayers in my mp3 player and prayed during my early morning walks.  The music and the guided reflection always help me in my prayer.  Thank you so much for this ministry.  I have printed the posters and posted them in the faculty workroom and invited friends to the web site.  I hope you will continue this wonderful work.  God bless you all.  Muchisimas gracias! 

Aldrin Hitalia

I would like to say thank you for pray as you go.  I found pray as you go by searching the internet for Ignatius of Loyola, of whom you can find a huge painting in my favourite church in Munich (St Michael).  I use pray as you go in the evenings.  After a long day of working, studying and socializing, Pray as you go helps me to calm down and to focus on the most important again.  It actually brings me down to earth.  Thanks again! 


I download "Pray as You Go" on my iPod.  Last summer before our family was going to go to Hawaii, I was on the Sacred Space website, wishing there was a way I could do daily meditation on scripture while I was away, and then I saw the link to Pray as You Go.  I felt to blessed to have this daily meditation while overlooking the ocean.  As a busy mom that is always on the go, this is convenient for me to listen to after I drop off the kids to school.  Pray as you Go has been a blessing to me. 


I just wrote to to express my gratitude for pray-as-you-go.  With the labours of everyday, and tons of distractions left and right, man can get lost from his centre and get tangled up in the world.  Pray-as-you-go has been a sanctuary, a quiet dwelling place for tired troubled souls seeking the peace and love of our Lord.  I told my friends about it and I hope they too are touched by the Lord through your program.  Thank you so much.  Keep up the excellent work! 

A C Cruz

Thank you to all at the team of 'pray-as you-go'.  I have a young baby and therefore find it difficult to get out a lot.  I enjoy listening and praying each morning with your broadcast.  It provides a point of sanity and peace in what is a busy and sometimes stressful time.  Thank you so much.