I ran over your fantastic website by an accident, but I just love it! I have to go about half an hour by bus every day.  And on the way to work I sit still and listen to the daily prayer from your website!  It really helps me to focus on my job and Jesus, and it has really made my belief deeper...  So thank you a lot!  I think it's a fantastic way of using the possibilities that the Web offers.  Keep on doing the good work! 


I am a Sister of Saint Joseph.  I noticed there was no one from our beautiful country in your feedback news, so here I am.  I love Pray-as-you-go!  I found it through looking at the Sacred Space website and I downloaded on my new mp3 player, a Christmas gift.  I look forward to the daily readings, the sound of the bells calling me to prayer, then such beautiful music, the real voices doing the readings and the time to listen deeply.  I am not new to lectio divina but there is something calming and creative about your production which draws me.  It is a precious time to sit in the early morning and listen; I have been on a train, but usually I am in our little chapel.  (Others think it is a bit unusual to see me not praying but plugging in! I believe it is helping me in a very stressful time of my life to centre easily!)  I told one of our local priests and he is already ‘hooked’ or hooked up! Many blessings on your marvelous ideas. 

Carmel Moore

I am a 55-year old businesswoman who, like many others, finds it difficult to integrate contemplative practices into a 50 hour work-week filled with client demands, business travel, and family responsibilities.  I don't recall how I stumbled upon Pray-as-you-go, browsing through the internet, but I was immediately intrigued by the concept.  I had recently become very interested in establishing a daily prayer routine.  I knew of podcasts, but had never actually subscribed to one, but the directions were very easy, as are the weekly downloads.  The length of each session is perfect.  I find it to be a wonderfully inspiring way to integrate meditation on the scriptures and sacred music into my day.  I usually listen while taking my dog Laddie on our morning walk, or if I'm traveling, I listen on the plane.  The music is usually a wonderful conduit into my interior world, and the readings are instructive and the interpretations and guided meditations are very inspiring.  I love the speakers' calm, gentle voices and I have come to feel as if I know them.  Thank you for this wonderful offering.  I have forwarded the website to friends and colleagues. 

Cathy, from New Jersey, USA

I am a freshman at St Louis University, a Jesuit school in the USA.  For the past few weeks the campus ministry program has been encouraging students and teachers to use pray-as-you-go, especially during this Lent season.  I decided to try it out, as my Lenten promise to see if it would work for me.  I download the prayers every week and put them on my iPod.  I try to listen to them in a quiet place, like in the chapel downstairs or while I am lying in bed.  It has been life-changing for me.  I have learned to listen to what God is saying and just pray about everything.  I have finally learned to dedicate time to him.  If you decide to do Pray-as-you-go, do it with all of your heart, no matter how busy you think you are.  Listen to what God is saying, talk to him about everything that is going on, just sit in his presence.  It will change your life if you let it.


I learnt about Pray-as-you-go from a poster on the noticeboard at the back of our church. Our parish has 24 hour adoration of the Blesed Sacrament; therefore there is/must always be someone praying in the side chapel before the Blessed Sacrament.  Over the holiday seasons there are always gaps as people go on holiday and the hourly captains and coordinators are always filling in for someone.  I did many hours of substitution in December and thought I could try something new in these hours.  My son received an iPod from his grandfather for Christmas and I could take over his MP3-player.  So after learning how to use this apparatus I downloaded your prayers and music and now have another wonderful companion during most of my hours of adoration.  I love it and thank you.  I will support you! 

Elizabeth Ferreira