Last Christmas, I received an iPod from my husband and so, began searching the iTunes store for podcasts.  Just before Lent, I came across Pray As You Go, and was immediately drawn to the music, the readings and the calm it afforded me.  And so, I decided to use it as a part of my Lenten practice — something I would "take on" for Lent (rather than the something I would deny myself).  Three mornings a week I wake before sunrise to work out and have found that my favorite time to listen is on my 12-minute drive to the gym, a time when traffic is actually light in Los Angeles, and a time when I can begin my day alone and quiet, with God.  It has transformed me into a person who now has a daily ritual of quiet time with God – someone I had never been.  Thank you for the gift of word, music and spirit.  Initially, I had longed for readings for the weekend days as well, however, my Sunday reading takes place at my church, and I celebrate Saturday as my contemplative day of rest with my family. 

Laurel Coote from California, USA

I use Pray-As-You-Go on the metro or the bus.  As a busy graduate student, while I have the best of intentions to do more regular, concerted Ignatian prayer, it often just does not happen... However, through the eight minutes five days a week, that I can do on my commute with my MP3 player, I can at least get a bit of a focus.  One thing that is great about your prayers, when I am doing it in the midst of my world, is looking at the world that is going by.  For example, if the music is along the lines of "He Hears the Cry of the Poor" and I'm on the bus, travelling through the really abandoned and neglected areas of the city, where, especially as winter approaches, I see many homeless people, I more easily connect my spirituality with what I am seeing through my own eyes, and find a greater peace in my work, which partially includes advocating for these poor.

Katharine Gordon from Washington DC, USA

Thanks to you for this initiative which is greatly welcomed.  I took St. Ignatius's spiritual exercises during one year with the Madrid Jesuits and my biggest fear was to lose contact with spirituality once exercises were finished.  Pray-as-you-go has helped me a lot to keep it up!

Ignacio de la Torre

After a long search, I hit upon PAYG on iTunes.  Spot on!  I edit theological and biblical studies books.  Before I start punching keys at the computer, I start my morning with PAYG, ably assisted by my cat, Zoe.  The content is outstanding, and the length is perfect for me.  This podcast has helped me to recover and rediscover the discipline and blessing of praying regularly at the start of the day, before the world's demands come flooding in.  Thanks for this wonderful ministry, and please keep it going. 

Dr Robert Maccini

I wanted to take the time to tell you about what pray-as-you-go has meant to me.  I found it through Sacred Space where I try to pray often, and I download it to my ipod to carry along for my walks or during the day when I need a spiritual refuge.  But on a more serious note, I credit this with having lifted me out of my depression and having restored my faith.  Quite recently, I had lost faith for a lot of reasons, too many to list here.  I felt alone, frightened, and ready to call it quits, on not just faith but life.  The more I tried to push the Lord away, the more I felt a small pull: a still, small voice drawing me back, not wanting to let me go.  I ignored until I could not anymore.  I had used Sacred Space and pray-as-you-go on and off before, even if I had to force myself to sit and do it, not really believing in it.  This time was different.  When I was looking for new music to download, I came across it in Podcasts, not once, but several times by "accident", it kept popping up and felt the Lord pushing me to give us another chance.  It has not been an easy journey, not for one with a stubborn and independent will.  But someone there should know, it has been more than just a daily blessing to me.  It helped me respond to the Lord and quite literally saved my life.  Many thanks to you all, and may God continue to bless this ministry and all who participate in it!