I start each day with Pray As You Go. It is a wonderful way to center and go deeper. O Wisdom is amazing, just as I thought it would be. I plan on following the Advent retreat. It clearly slows things down for me in a season that can be full of rush and running. Love this!


PAYG is my daily rock and I am very grateful for it.


So grateful for this website which I recommend to others, especially those from an evangelical background who are hungry for and needful of the contemplative experience lacking in their tradition (from which I too come). May all who are responsible for this ministry know the commendation and blessing of Jesus.


I very much appreciated the aria from Handel's "Messiah" today, Oct. 20: "And who shall stand when he returneth?" (based on Malachi 3:2). The "Messiah" also uses much from beloved Isaiah, chaps. 40-55 ("Deutero-Isaiah"), which is powerful in its beauty!


Thank you for these devotions! The content is well written and brings me closer to God. The interludes with music are a very nice touch to help quiet my soul.