I have been listening to PAYG for a number of years now . I Have built it into my daily routine so that I look forward to it every morning . God bless those who prepare it , you are doing God's work in a modern way.


When I first heard about PAYG, I was not sure how I would fit the daily reflections into my busy life. I can truly say that I have and will always find the time to pray with PAYG every day. it has become my closest friend!


I love it as I begin my day. It helps me get into a prayer mode everyday, You bring Jesus to me, Keep up the woneder filled writings and scripture


I'm currently going through the Discernment process and structured prayer is a must but sometimes a bore; however I use this site everyday and it really helps with my reflection and prayer discipline. Excellent site!


I am so pleased to have found this site. It has opened up a new more meaningful way of praying. Life has been difficult for some while and my relationship with God strained this site is bringing me closer to Him again. Praying with this site is a joy.