I found your website through the Sacred Space website, which in turn I found as a link on the website of our church St. Francis Xavier (in the city centre of Amsterdam).  As you can probably guess by our church's name, it is served by the Dutch Jesuits where I'm doing The Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life.  The experience has opened a whole new way of looking at the world and I keep the extra spark of Ignatian Spirituality going everyday with your daily prayers.  I play them when I'm cycling to work and it gives me a good start to the day, something to reflect on while I'm travelling and also to think about when I having my first cup of coffee at work.  Thank you so much for this daily glimmer of hope and love!

On the picture you see the neo-baroque towers of our church St. Francis Xavier (aka Krijtberg).

Paul Hendrik

I am a writer and church consultant.  I now work from home, but for ten years I drove to my job.  Before I took the work out of the home, I had a schedule for Morning Prayer, but once I began to commute, I could hardly fit everything into my morning that I needed to finish before I left the house.  Morning Prayer was reduced to snatched moments of praying rather desperately in the car.  A friend from the last place where I worked emailed me with the news of the PAYG site, telling those of us who do not have iPods how we could use the site without that technology.  Now I rise early and meditate for half an hour, and then I work at getting the day’s start ready for the rest of my family.  When all have gone and I am ready for work, I sit down at my desk and look out the window at the new day, and listen to the day’s reading.  I find the experience to be a complete one, allowing me to be present to God and feel God’s presence both in community and in solitude.  I have often thought how marvelous this offering of daily prayer is to the current and future generations of Christians, an example of God making all things new, in this offering of the deep strength known and learned by monastic communities to Christians who are not monks but are making the Body of Christ in today’s world, and gaining necessary strength from the reading, the prayer, and the presence of God and each other in this way.  I often use a day from the week previous, on Saturday and Sunday.  I find the repetition is a good experience, and the reminder that many people who listen are off on the weekend gives me a stronger sense of the working community world-round.

Charlotte Weaver-Gelzer

I found out about Pray-as-you-go via www.rorate.com, a Dutch Roman Catholic website which also hosts/facilitates the SQPN network.  I listen (mostly) during my train rides to either work or my girlfriend, both outside Amsterdam.  For me the daily prayer is a meditative moment before I start a hectic day.  I really like the format, not too short, not too long, nice music, gives you (most of the time) something to reflect on.  Hopefully you will continue this great podcast!  Many thanks for this great initiative!

Hans Blaauw

I heard about this site from my parish priest and I was intrigued as to how you could have prayers on your MP3 player - it seemed a very odd mix.  However I have become totally addicted to listening to it every day and I seem somewhat lost if I have forgotten it or don't have time.  I think this was an absolutely fantastic idea.

Louise Taylor

I use Pray-as-you-go at least once a day.  It is a wonderful source of meditation and inspiration.  For me to hear the word is especially moving.  Thank you so much for providing this wonderful service.  For me the music provides a door to the heart of God and the variety is enriching.  My cousin introduced me to the site many months ago and I am indeed grateful.  I am a wife, mother and grandmother.  I also try to pass the web site to others.  Is there any possibility of having Saturday and Sundays available?  God bless you for the wonderful gift you provide for the world community.

Sylvia Thompson