I'm an engineer by profession, living and working outside Los Angeles.  A web search on Jesuit communities in an effort to locate a friend of mine, a Jesuit priest, led me to several related websites and consequently to yours.  It was a momentous find.  Here in the States we don't have anything like it.  Every weekend I rush to download your weekly program.  I convert the MP3 downloads to AAC format to play them on my iPod.  (MP3 format is fine, but I go for sound quality.) I listen to your meditations daily, before going to work or after work, at home or in my car.  I make it a habit to find a quiet moment during the day where I can sit and listen to the daily meditation.  They help me get in the right frame of mind to face every brand new day with its highs and lows.  I wish there were also meditations for Saturdays and Sundays too.  Your musical selections are great.  They really show your good taste.  I love Gregorian chants, but I've learned to like the other non-traditional works.  (I bought a Keur Moussa CD.  It's amazing I've gone this far!) I truly enjoy and appreciate your sharing this treasure - meditation, with the public.  Keep up the good work and many thanks for sharing the Jesuit tradition! 

Lina Chang

I heard about Pray-as-you-go looking for catholic websites and immediately I began to hear the daily prayings.  It was amazing!  Here in the Netherlands, it's difficult to find a church and people with whom you can share your faith.  For me this website, Pray-as-you-go is now a friend, I always listen in my iPod while I'm cycling, or when I need time for meditation.  It's really helpful for me, hear the readings, hear beautiful melodies, feel the presence of God!  Thank you for this brillant idea, you are helping a lot.  It could be nice to have the meditations of Saturdays and Sundays too. 

Liliana Zalles

I first heard about Pray As You Go while on retreat at Loyola Hall almost a year (!) before I first used it.  I decided to subscribe to PAYG after my car was written off in an accident and I found myself catching the bus to and from work each day.  It's a marvellous resource.  The bells and the well chosen music and guidance creates a sense of stillness in my soul and allows the words of the Gospel to sink deeply in.  I usually listen to each day's podcast two or 3 times - always on the way to work and last thing at night when I'm in bed, and sometimes at lunchtime or on the way home from work too.  It's helped me to make my days more focused on God.  I'm such a convert that for Lent this year I've been sending my friends CDs of PAYG so that they can use it too! 

Sarah Willis

I ran over your fantastic website by an accident, but I just love it! I have to go about half an hour by bus every day.  And on the way to work I sit still and listen to the daily prayer from your website!  It really helps me to focus on my job and Jesus, and it has really made my belief deeper...  So thank you a lot!  I think it's a fantastic way of using the possibilities that the Web offers.  Keep on doing the good work! 


I am a Sister of Saint Joseph.  I noticed there was no one from our beautiful country in your feedback news, so here I am.  I love Pray-as-you-go!  I found it through looking at the Sacred Space website and I downloaded on my new mp3 player, a Christmas gift.  I look forward to the daily readings, the sound of the bells calling me to prayer, then such beautiful music, the real voices doing the readings and the time to listen deeply.  I am not new to lectio divina but there is something calming and creative about your production which draws me.  It is a precious time to sit in the early morning and listen; I have been on a train, but usually I am in our little chapel.  (Others think it is a bit unusual to see me not praying but plugging in! I believe it is helping me in a very stressful time of my life to centre easily!)  I told one of our local priests and he is already ‘hooked’ or hooked up! Many blessings on your marvelous ideas. 

Carmel Moore