I saw a reference to your website about 6 months ago and visited out of curiosity.  Since then my PC auto-downloads each week's meditations and I listen to them each morning as I set up my desk for work.  It's quite a calming way to start the day, I particularly enjoy the readings, many of which I remember from school but would have forgotten.  The music that is interspersed, especially the Gregorian and French chants always enhance the message for me.  It makes me remember my faith in a different way.  Thank you. 


I found your site while surfing the net.  I listen to the daily meditationsn on the bus to work, and they are a real blessing.  This last week God showed me that he had chosen me, not some version of me that other people want me to be, but me.  I am not a Catholic but I have great respect for traditional Catholic spirituality.  Love to all at PAYG. 

Barry Welsh

Just a note to say how much Ienjoy and value the podcast.  I first heard about the website from our parish news letter.  I listen on my way to work each day, passing Stirling Castle, the Wallace monument and Ochil Hills, very inspiring and sets up the day just great.  Your podcast really helps my faith to grow and has broadened my knowledge of the gospels. 

Graham Devlin

I discovered pray-as-you-go through the iTunes Podcasts recently.  I once belonged to the Christian Life Community, but haven't been involved with CLC for nearly 8 years.  I have really missed going through the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises regularly.  What a wonderful way to begin the day as I stand crammed like a sardine in the New York subways!  Thank you for making this available and I am certain to share it with all my friends!  God bless as you continue this wonderful work! 

Thai Nguyen

Hello from a Canadian living in Beijing.  What a wonderful discovery I made last year during Lent.  I use Sacred Space regularly and your website was mentioned in one of the newsletters so I went and checked it out.  At that time you were only going to do the project during Lent.  How thankful I am that you continued on.  Every weekend I download onto my iPod and then listen to your podcast as I am going to work.  Thank you for your ministry.

Heather Davis