I listen to PAYG all week long.  It was recommended to me by a minister friend in Dallas, Texas, and yes, he loves it too.  PAYG is the single greatest devotional tool I have ever used.  Nothing has ever initiated a time of prayer and devotion like PAYG.  I look forward to using it every evening, because I get to close out the day with worship, scripture, and prayer.  Thank you for producing this exceptional devotional podcast. 

Tim Jenkins

I heard PAYG just last week after surfing the web.  It's a wonderful site, It gives me more energy to start my day and increase focus, while being more spiritual me.  I get used to use PAYG in the morning before I go to college.  I can perform better in class, take notes effectively, while be a more better me.  I feel more comfortable in dealing a very busy college life.  Thanks. 

A college student from Indonesia

A few months ago I was looking for a means to make better use of the time I have to spend in the train and subway when going to work every day.  At the same time I felt that my busy schedule did not include sufficient time to communicate with God in prayer.  So I got myself an MP3 player and searched the web for some 'inspiration material'.  I was looking for spiritual food, not just for music, and your daily prayer sessions are exactly the right thing.  I feel really so much blessed by listening to the podcasts and I would not like to miss it anymore.  My mother tongue is German, but my main language at work is English, so I have no problem to understand (although sometimes I have to smile because some of your speakers have accents that sound funny to my ears).  I also find I can understand the daily Gospel or bible passage much better when I hear it once or twice in English, after having read it in German before (or heard it read in Church).  I am Catholic and really enjoy the openness of your prayer style: it feels so good to get your impulses and suggestions and then have time to continue talking to God in my own heart.  Thank you so much, and please continue! 


Thank you so much for your podcasts.  They are one of the highlights of my day.  My children got me a "Shuffle" for Mothers' Day this year and I stumbled upon your podcast while I was searching for weight loss inspirational podcasts.  I was hesitant, at first, because I saw the word "Jesuit" and I'm not Catholic.  I didn't know what that meant and I wasn't sure what I would find (I've never even been to a Catholic worship service).  I have been so glad I stopped and listened.  It is my treat every morning.  I use them to center and renew myself, to get in the right frame of mind on my way to work as a 911 dispatcher.  My job is very emotionally draining and it makes a huge difference in my day to stop and think about God, his plans, and his words, before I start dealing with people's tragedies.  Thank you again. 


At times I feel my life is scattered even worthless, as it were.  Listening to the music, the readings, thoughts and the voices is so soothing, gentle, relaxing and sometimes inspiring.  A few sessions I specially reserve and go back listening to again and again as they translate exactly that part of my life.  By mere coincidence I was on the train coming home from London, reading a free newspaper when I discovered your website.  Maybe the great Divine showed me the light then, approximately two years ago.  Despite all sort of difficulties, being away from home and living a life full of uncertainties, I still believe there is Hope, thanks mainly to your website.  Thank you very much for your great work.  God Bless.