I'm a 31 year-old French student in Ph.D. philosophy, living this year in Montreal.  I heard about Pray-as-you-go thanks to the web site of the French Province of the Society of Jesus.  Ignatian spirituality is my way to pray and to lead my personal relationship with Christ.  I found PAYG on the net three weeks ago, just before the start of Advent, and it was like finding a little treasure.  The PAYG website concentrates on essence; it is practical, aesthetically beautiful and modern.  The music is beautiful, neither too much in time, nor too little, the readers' voices are pleasant.  All this could appear secondary but is very important.  I use it at home, in the morning or the middle of the day for the daily prayer session, and late in the evening for the review of the day.  I sit in front of my desk, in calm, books are closed except for my bible in which I follow the reading of the day in my mother language.  I am used to praying without visual aids, according to the Ignatian method which I integrated and interiorized, but it's also really precious and helpful to be led by the audio framework that you offer us.  I can "give up" myself in peace and offer these moments to God. 


Hi, I'm up in the middle of the night unable to sleep, surfing the Pray-as-you-go website.  I found the page where others share their experiences with Pray-as-you-go and I want to add my voice.  My spiritual life is changed for the better because of Pray as you Go.  I am a Protestant who has read the word for many years.  But "hearing" the word (and the music) has helped me hear God's voice in new ways.  I am touched at a deeper level and am extremely grateful to those of you who work on this website.  I too, wish there were entries for the weekend.  It is such a normal part of my life to listen, that I miss it on Saturdays and Sundays.  I have gone to church my whole life.  I'm married to a pastor.  I lead classes at church and yet Pray-as-you-go has touched my heart in ways nothing else has.  I typically listen to each selection 2 or 3 times a day.  I listen as I drive around town, after dropping kids off at school, when I'm doing errands, and on my way to carpool pickup.  If I have the chance, I listen at home and do some journal drawings related to what I hear in both the music and the scripture.  Thanks be to God and thanks be to you all who make this website happen.  I am richly and deeply blessed. 

Linda RobertS

I wanted to let you know that this American Protestant is really enjoying your Pray-as-you-go podcasts.  I think the whole thing is done very well.  The great selection of music is one of my favorite aspects, but I also appreciate the time given after a thoughtful question is asked, and that a real Bible selection is read.  I like the variety of speakers.  I also appreciate that a couple of week's worth of podcasts are available, as I'm not very consistent with my downloading days.  I have downloaded various religious podcasts, but yours is the only one I have kept coming back to.  It's a great thing, and I hope it is blessing many people. 

Teresa Faust

Thank you so much for producing these meditations and scripture readings.  I am a Baptist Youth Pastor from Texas - yes, I know, probably the last person you would expect to find listening to a Jesuit Podcast.  PAYG has given me strength and confidence in the Lord.  I listen to it in the morning so that I can sit and be quiet before the hectic day begins.  The advent podcasts have been especially meaningful.  My wife has a back injury that is extremely painful and her family is going through some hardship.  These podcasts help me minister to her.  If God promises to make Juniper grow in the desert then he can restore all things in us.  Thank you again.  God bless.

Matt Beaver

I have found this 'Pray-as-you-go' resource to truly be a "treasure buried in my backyard".  Using it in the car is my favorite place as sadly this is one of the few places these days to be alone with one's own thoughts.  It's also become a mission for me of sorts, I've yet to burn a week to CD and not run into someone within a few hours that would greatly enjoy such a thing in their life, regardless of where they worship or even if they don't at all!  I pray the great work of this site continues to grow.

Tim Selah