My day starts with PAYG and often I close my day with this podcast for a second time. This daily moment of reflection nourishes my spiritual relation with Jesus Christ.

Two years ago, when I was talking with somebody about regular moments of prayer and reading the Bible she told me about PAYG.  

PAYG is a perfect answer for me. I listen at home or when I am traveling by train or airplane or being in a hotel for my work anywhere in the world. Despite my traveling I have the feeling that every day I have a sacred moment with the Lord. With the nice music and songs, sometimes I get the feeling as  being in a nice cathedral. The Bible readings and your questions help me to reflect on my daily business and relation to the Lord. Particularly these weeks of Advent helps me to be more aware why Christ came to the world and will come again.

Thank you very much for this daily moment of rest and piece in a hectic world. It helps me to stay in contact with the Lord. 

I like your daily closing words: “Glory be to the Father and the Son and to the Holy Spirit… World without end. Amen.”

May the Lord bless you all as producers and as fellow-listeners of PAYG.

Bert Markerink

At home I use Pray as you Go almost every day whilst I'm walking my English Springer Spaniel, Bailey. I really love the music, especially the monks of Keur Moussa, who I had never heard of before. The music gently lifts me into a spirit of reflection and prayer, actually rather helped by the Lincolnshire countryside I'm usually walking through. The Bible reading and reflection helps ground me in the scriptures and gives me something to take into the day whilst the prayer helps me to talk to God whether I'm in the mood or not, usually not if it's early in the morning. I certainly wouldn't pray in this way without your resource. 

At work, as a military Chaplain (RAF), I'm presently away from family, dog and Lincolnshire, serving in Kabul, Afghanistan. Here the landscape and the events can be bleak. However the beauty of the mountains and the greenery of the fertile valleys can still speak of God if you are attentive enough and the people, both those in the military I am here to serve and the ordinary Afghans I also get to meet, can always provide opportunities to find God at work in the ordinary, and sometimes tragic, events of life. Pray as you Go again provides a real earthing into God's activity in the world through engaging with the scriptures and in prayer. Indeed, when at a low ebb spiritually as a result of long hours or tragic events, Pray as You Go has been a spiritual lifeline!

Padre Andy McMullon, serving in Kabul

I have always been related with Jesuits (I have been Argentine CLC president), and visiting Jesuits web pages I found Pray-as-you-go.  I am an orthopaedic surgeon, and M.D. Director at a big hospital, I spent five years in Western Africa as missionary doctor.  It's so helpful every morning to listen your reflections before activities, they comfort and give me strength to cope with daily struggles.  Blessing and Prayers.  AMDG

Jorge Luis Santodomingo, from southern Patagonia, Argentina

I work in aged care and thought I knew a great deal about grief until my father died and my mother was revealed as having alzheimer's disease. I was crippled by grief and following a comment from an Anglican Priest about prayer being helpful, stumbled upon Pray-as-you-go through an Anglican website. I have found it to be transformative in that it has aided an 18 month journey of healing along with beginning a much deeper approach to prayer and giving me the confidence to attend a retreat for busy people. I listen every morning before my husband and children wake up and the working day begins. It has been sustaining to know I pray with a global prayer group and connect with so many across the world. Thank you. 

Sara, from Adelaide, South Australia

Here's Jame Dubyoski using Pray-as-you-go on an iPod at South Bethany Beach, Delaware, USA (We thank James for permission to use the picture, and the Jopson family for sending it to us).

James Dubyoski